Golden Thread Mandarin Chien Lung Robe Necklace

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A Chien Lung era Mandarin court Robe that has been redesigned into a sophisticated Bib Necklace. The Chinese silk embroidery is a work of exquisite art in itself – characteristics include motifs of leafs and flowers within a garden, stitched in silk satin and couch (gold metallic threads). The leafs and flowers have been further jewelled with Red Stones. The upper part of the Necklace that touches the neck has been finished with Scarab wings, Diamonds and a carved Jade ball, while the inner lining has been crafted out of leather. 
During the Chien Lung Era, the dress in Chinese culture was the “Jewelry” and in many cases were more expensive than the actual jewelry worn. Lotus Arts de Vivre was able to acquire this rare part of a Chinese Court robe, which was the upper part of a Mandarin dress. Chien-lung, reigned as the fourth emperor (1735–96) of the Ch'ing dynasty. He was a patron of scholarship and the arts; this piece pays tribute to his reign.

After sourcing the exquisitely rare Mandarin collar, this piece took more than 3 months to complete with more than 9 craftsmen and designers involved a true testimony of creating “Masterpiece” of art.

White Rose Cut Diamonds : 0.38 ct.
Baguette Diamond: 2.99 ct.
Taper Diamond: 0.37 ct.
Jade: 1.58 gms.
Black Onyx: 0.03 g.
Red Stone: 3.36 g.

Weight : 140.12 g.