Golden Textile Parrot on Liana wood Stand

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Parrot sculpture, crafted by hand from materials around the world, both antique and new fabrics. Hand embroidered, with intricate details and embellished with semi-precious stones, such as Peridot, Amethyst and pearl.

A great new decoration piece to brighten up your living quarters.

This parrot you do not need to feed, nor clean every day and it will be a silent companion and a great decorative piece.

Approximate Weight of Stones: Peridot 68.01 Ct.(67 pcs.), Amethyst 59.59 Ct (40 pcs.), Pearl 5 pcs. 2.95 g.

Approximate Size: 39(W) x 50(L) x 120(H) cms.
Approximate Weight: 21.7 kgs.