Golden Batulaga Bangle with Pink Tourmaline in Gold and Diamond Chrysanthemum Petals

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A masterpiece bangle, painstakingly hand carved by a master carver onto a rare Batulaga Shell with 9K gold. The bangle is decorated with a Pink Tourmaline centerpiece in Gold and Diamond Chrysanthemum Petals, also functioning as an elegant secured lock.

Lotus Arts de Vivre has an extremely skilled shell carving master, who being nearly 80 years old, has been carving shells for over 5 decades. The carving of shells required extreme diligence, currently found as a lost art in Asia. Carvers are specialists - they either carve wood or coconut or stone or shells and each need special tools. Each material bears different risks and opportunities and requires particular skills to deal with the material. Therefore, while their carving skills differ with different materials, this master produces miracles of carving with extreme detail, bringing the shells almost back to life.

 These Batulaga shells are extremely infrequent to find especially in this size, where they naturally occur in the tropical reefs in the Indian Ocean. This shell was with Lotus Arts de Vivre for over a decade, before being designed into this magnificently special piece. 

 In the ancient Kingdoms of the Far East carved shells like these were reserved for the Royal Palaces and the Courts, often in forms of gifts or as Jewelry. The cold waters in the west produced few shells and hardly any pearls, this availability crunch made these shells prized western possessions as well.

 This Bangle took more than 4 months to complete with more than 15 craftsmen and designers involved a true testimony of creating “Masterpiece” of art.

Tourmaline Pink M Free F Cab 23*15 mm (C) : 34.51 .ct.

Diamond White-Ice Round  :  0.26 ct.

Dimension : 10.50(L)x4.50(H) cm.

Weight : 203.72 g.