Gold Nugget Necklace with Carved Jade & Scarab wt.242.72g #17"

SKU: 2017000275
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Gold nugget necklace is combined with carved jade dragon beads, scarab balls, 18K gold rhodolite roundels, and 9K gold lock.

Circumference #17”

3 Carved Jade Dragon Beads: 129.58 gms.
Facetted Rhodolites: 6.84 cts.

This is the shape gold is found in some mines around the world and Lotus Arts de Vivre re-creates the nuggets through tedious handwork. Each nugget is carved hollow by hand in wax and more than half of the production is rejected because the small deep cavities in the nugget turn into holes.
The art to produce this design is to make it light, to find the right thickness of gold sheet to beat it without breaking up during the process.