Vintage Gold Knotted Venetian Murano Glass Bead Necklace

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An elaborately classy golden knotted fabric necklace with copper and gold, decorated with intricate workmanship of Italian Murano glass beads, diamond studded roundels in 18K gold, black agate disc spacers. The lock is 18K gold.

The glass beads are exquisite – crafted in Venice, Italy. During the High Middle Ages, Venice was originally controlled by the Eastern Roman Empire before eventually becoming an independent city state. It flourished as a trading center and seaport in the High Middle Ages. Its connections with the Middle East helped its glassmakers gain additional skills, as glassmaking was more advanced in areas such as Syria and Egypt. Venetian glassmakers developed secret recipes and methods for making glass, and the concentration of Venice's glassmaking on the island of Murano enabled better control of those secrets. This enabled Venice to become Europe's elite glassmaking center, peaking in popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries. Venice's dominance in trade along the Mediterranean Sea created a wealthy merchant class that was a strong connoisseur of the arts. This helped establish demand for art glass and more innovations. Murano glass work is world-famous for its unparalleled quality, exquisite range of colours, and the unsurpassed craftsmanship.

After sourcing the vintage Murano glass beads, the piece was designed and finished by over 8 craftsmen and designers in 2.5 months.

Rose cut Diamonds: 0.06 ct.
Iced Diamonds: 3.64 ct.
Black Agates: 1.38 ct.
Weight: 42.84 g.
Length: 17 Inch.
Weight : 42.84 g.

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