Galuchat Rabbit with Nautilus Shell #S

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A rabbit desktop sculpture, designed with the merge of a nautilus shell head, sterling silver (feet, hands, facial accents) and galuchat leather (stingray). The eyes of the rabbit have been set with tiger's eyes quartz. The intricate details visible on the silver texture of the piece is a result of skilled craftsmanship that the atelier is known for. The piece is ideal as a decorative sculpture ora paperweight for a drawing room or a study.

The rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac. In the Chinese culture, the rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals. It symbolizes a fine balance of mercy, elegance, and beauty along with the spirit of prosperity, abundance, good luck, and fertility. People who are born in the year of the rabbit are calm and peaceful.

The shell, a pearlescent blue-gray color of the inner most chamber of Nautilus from Indian and Pacific oceans brings a beautiful contast to the piece. In the ancient Kingdoms of the Far East carved shells like these were reserved for the Royal Palaces and the Courts, often in forms of gifts or as Jewelry. The cold waters in the west produced few shells and hardly any pearls, this availability crunch made these shells prized western possessions as well.

Galuchat, or stingray leather, being one of the toughest leather in the world, historically, the stingray skin was used to embellish the sword-handles and sheaths of Attila, while in China it was traditionally used on Qing dynasty composite bows. Additionally, in 1930’s, every well-to-do houses in Europe would have a stingray leather artifacts in their house as a sign of power. Before electricity or machines for cutting were invented, stingray leather was very difficult to work with. Thus, it remained highly dependent on the artisan’s skill, which Lotus Arts de Vivre’s craftsmen have duly mastered.

It takes 2 month to finish a piece with as many as 4 designers and craftsmen involved at various stages.

Size: 8(W) x 8(L) x 13(H) cm. (approx.)
Weight: 440 g. (approx.)

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