Galuchat Elephant Stool

SKU: 2004000018
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Hand-crafted Elephant stool covered with sustainably farmed Galuchat leather (also called shagreen or Stingray leather) and sterling silver embellishments to accentuate the key features of the design.

The leather was named after Louis XV's master leather artisan, Jean-Claude Galuchat, who introduced this exotic material to France during the 18th century. He used the scarce skins to manufacture luxurious items such as jewelry boxes and various furniture. The first signs of this alluring textile however dates back to 8th century Japan where it was used for breastplates, sheaths, and the handles on swords, due to its resilient texture. Embellishing Galuchat with sterling silver needs precision work which adds the touch of hand-made luxury that romances with all Lotus Arts De Vivre creations. This piece took 8 weeks labour to finish.

Approximate size      :   W35 x L62 x H40 cm.

Approximate weight  :   9.5  kg.