Galuchat Bowl with Silver & Gold Leaf

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A beautiful bowl covered in Galuchat (Stingray Skin) leather, coloured in Gold and decorated with Sterling Silver rim and stands. This majestic piece makes an eye-catching decorative item for the desk or a simple décor.

The significance of this piece comes in the form of its raw material, Galuchat, the world’s toughest leather. Before electricity or machines for cutting were invented, stingray leather was very difficult to work with. Thus, it remained highly dependent on the artisan’s skill, which Lotus Arts de Vivre’s craftsmen have duly mastered.

It took approximately 1 month to produce with over 4 craftsmen skillfully finishing this design.

Size: 12(W) x 12(L) x 9.5(H) cm.
Weight: 241 g.

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