Embroidery Handbag with Diamonds, Ruby & Amethyst # M wt. 259.59 g.

SKU: 2017000308
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Silapacheep asked Lotus Arts de Vivre to broaden the application of their beautiful embroidery. We looked and compared with Suzhou in China, the Chinese embroidery centre and found that the Thai work is at par, often may be better than Suzhou.

The design is a combination of hand crafted batik by Pink Jambu and embroidery crafted by Silpacheep of Her Majestic Queen of Thailand.

Lotus Arts de Vivre proposed to use the embroideries as handbag and added more value to it through design. In this case Gold plated Silver lotus pond, Amethyst flowers with Ruby in the center and iced Diamonds were used to make the handbag more valuable and precious.

Dimensions: 17x25.8x5 cms.

Amethysts : 8.73 carats, Rubies : 1.76 carats, Diamonds : 0.33 carat

"This product is hand-made. The irregularities and inconsistencies in the shading and texture impart the product with a distinctive individuality and enhance its value as a textile art-form."

The lid of the handbag is embroidered; therefore, it may get tangled with other objects. Please be careful.