Floral Embroidered Handbag with Rock Crystal Flower

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A Handbag designed with a wonderous collaboration of Silapacheep Silk from Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s Silapacheep Arts and Handicrafts Center, hand crafted batik by Pink Jambu, a Batik design house based in Malaysia, painstakingly crafted and jewelled into this sophisticated Handbag by Lotus Arts de Vivre.

The jewelled design of the Bag involves carved crystal flower with Citrines and Pearl in the center, and Amethyst flowers with Ruby and Aquamarine beads decorations were embellished to make this handbag one of a kind. This product is hand-made and some irregularities and inconsistencies in the shading and texture impart the product with a distinctive individuality and enhance its value as a textile art-form.

While it took a 3-4 months to build up the collaboration between the talented craftsmen of all the three houses, this bag thereafter took 2 months to finish with over 12 skilled masters involved in Thailand and Malaysia.

Pearls: 1.20 g.
Amethysts : 1.31 ct.
Ruby : 0.70 ct.
Rock Crystal : 7.43 g.
Citrines : 6.89 ct.
Aquamarine : 6.55 ct.
Dimension: 13.30x18.80x6.0 cm.
Weight: 166.47 g.

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