Ebony Goldfish Bowl

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Ebony wood bowl decorated beautifully with Sterling Silver, transformed into a wooden Goldfish. The eye is decorated with Lapiz Lazli set in Black Onyx ring, bringing the piece to life.

The ebony has been sourced from Indonesia, which along with Africa, has the best quality Ebony, that grows slowly over hundreds of years. Ebony is a dense black hardwood, derived from the Ancient Egyptian ‘hbny’. It is dense enough to sink in water, it is finely-textured and has a very smooth finish when polished, making it valuable as an ornamental wood.

The goldfish, either in the flesh or as a good luck charm, is revered all over the Orient. It brings luck in the form of long life. The ancient Egyptians believed that having goldfish in the house was especially lucky for the whole family. In China, this fish means abundance of gold, making the Goldfish a popular symbol in the Chinese culture.

It took six craftsmen and designers over 2.5 months to complete this piece. 

Lapiz Lazli: 7.67 cts.

Size: 55(W) x 66(L)  x 23(H) cm.
Weight: 8.5 kg.

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