Golconda Diamond and Panjshir Emerald Bracelet

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Bracelet with Natural Panjshir Emerald and old European cut Diamonds (Golconda) and new Baguette cut Diamonds in 18K Gold.

Emeralds are very soft and are among the most sought after of all gemstones, and have been prized for centuries. While this quintessentially green gemstone is mined in a number of different regions around the world, the most popular mines and expensive Emeralds come from Panjshir Valley, in Afghanistan and Zambia.

‘Golconda’ is a name used within the Jewellery world to denote the world’s finest diamonds. India has been described as a source of diamonds from antiquity onwards. Most famous was the historic kingdom of Golconda (1347-1687), which is currently in Hyderabad, Telangana in India. Three visual characteristics that define the beauty of Golconda diamonds: A high degree of limpidity (crystal), an ultra-whiteness and a blue afterglow that appears in natural daylight, which the connoisseurs call that the water captured in the Golcondas. For connoisseurs, the Golconda diamonds that retain their original cuts are the most coveted. Since the stones may have been mined hundreds of years ago, many exhibit the slightly less than precise cutting styles that were common prior to this century.

Diamonds: 13.87 cts. (Colour G-H, Clarity VVS-VS)
Panjshir Emeralds: 31.47 cts.
Gross Weight: 91.47 gms.