‘Cuddling A Baby Tiger’ - A Painting by Olga Marie Polunin

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Little baby, fluffy and warm  cuddled close against my breast

How will you change when you are grown?  Will you snarl or purr as I tickle your chest?

Olga is of Russian-English and Hakka Chinese descent living in Belgium. Her paintings  are inspired by the early religious works of both Europe and Asia.

Highlighting the creative and uplifting aspects of feminine humanity. There is humour

and wit, sensuality and spirituality.

As she quoted on her paintings as following;

"I see the paintings as reminders, not just of an ultimate rebirth but of the rebirth that  can happen every day, every moment."

Her aim for this show is to explore the theme of awakening or rebirth, not only in a  literal sense but that each moment is a fresh opportunity to leave past regrets behind,  and to open the way for new beginnings and success.

Medium: Oil on canvas  

Size: 35 x 45 cm.

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