Cluster Ring Necklace

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Lotus Arts de Vivre has designed a myriad necklace made up of a wonderful collection of 18 rings. Each of them has its own journey of uniqueness where Lotus Arts de Vivre is proudly become a story teller of those preciousness.

The inspiration has derived from Rolf Von Buren’s collection that he has gathered for over 2 years from different sources on his own admirations, including the various auction houses. They show the masterpiece of exquisite materials and master craft of old jewelry. The synchronization of different designs and natural material are perfectly arranged divisibly reflecting the identity of Lotus Arts de Vivre.

The black silk is selected to be necklace elegantly placed with 18K yellow gold caps adorned with diamond and tourmaline. The secured lock is neatly designed, then made by 18K gold with white diamonds setting.

The Necklace comprises of the precious rings as following:

  • Hand-cut natural rose quartz ring with 9K gold and pearl
  • Bronze Ring with Poly Mosaic Clay
  • Jade Ring with Diamond
  • Hematite Ring with Pearl
  • Art Deco Scarab Ring with Diamonds
  • Rooster Ring with Diamonds and Rubies
  • Imperial Movable Ring with Tsavorite
  • Naga Ring with Pearl and Enamel
  • Amber Ring with Diamond and Jade
  • 18k yellow gold ring decorated with Pearl and rose-cut Diamonds
  • 18k White gold ring decorated with Tsavorite and Diamonds
  • Gold and Silver Contrary Ring decorated with Tanzanite Emerald and Diamonds
  • 18k yellow gold ring with full-cut Diamonds and Emerald
  • 18k yellow gold ring with Pink & Green Tourmaline
  • 18k yellow gold flower ring with full-cut Diamonds
  • 18k yellow gold ring with Lapis Lazuli and diamond
  • Silver ring with diamonds.

    This masterpiece necklace took 7 months to finish with 12 craftsmen including the designer to complete this work of art.

    Length 16"
    Weight 199.54 g.