Cigar Humidor Box with Crocodile Leather and Red Lacquer

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Humidor crafted out of pomelle wood, carved lacquer and crocodile leather. The box is finished with veneer with farm-bred crocodile leather featuring handcrafted red lacquer in dragon and cloud design, embellished with diamond and gold plated silver decoration.

This humidor contains a humidification system which retains or removes moisture, maintaining humidity in between 68-72%. By doing so it can help preserve the life of a cigar for many years. Historically humidors were always treated as a masculine sign of wealth, critically matted with appreciation of cultural or folk art. Our handcrafted humidors are built precisely to carry on that inheritance.

Our humidors are sized for travel and will fit in your dresser or on your desk. They effectively preserve the flavor of cigars and cigarettes, while simultaneously working as a great décor piece for the study.

Size : 25(W) x 34(L) x 12.5(H) cms.
Weight : 3.45 kgs.

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