Chimpanzee Bowl

SKU: 2019000254
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Wooden Teak Bowl hand-carved out of roots of a teak tree, decorated with a beautiful Sterling Silver Chimpanzee. The embellishments have been done on the head , hand and leg with Sterling silver and the eyes of the Chimpanzee have been finished with Tiger eye stones, bringing this majestic piece to life.

Each piece will slightly vary due to the unique shape and size of the raw materials carved, and therefore each piece. A bowl like this can be used for many occasions, including for decorating flowers and serving fruits on a center table.

Lotus Arts de Vivre found this wooden teak bowl to create the perfect Chimpanzee for a sophisticated buyer or collector.

There were 6 craftsmen involved in the production process which took 2.5 months to complete.

Product Care: Clean with soft brush and apply bee’s wax on the wooden part. For silver decoration part, in this piece has been coated with anti-tarnish, hence the silver is not to be polished. To clean it, use "stay clean" cream to gently wipe it with a cloth. The tray can be wiped clean with a moist cloth.

Size : W100 x L105 x H62 cms.
Weight : 14.4 kgs.