Blue Butterfly Mandarin Court 'Chien Lung' Robe Necklace with Diamond, Jade & Pearl

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A Chien Lung period Robe, with intricate embroidery and applique work, converted into this beautiful collar Necklace. Around the top half of the collar, it has been decorated with 5 pieces of carved green jades, each carved with floral motifs and decorated with diamonds set in black rhodium plated sterling silver (carved barrel jades) and 18K gold (center jade). The bottom half has 7 beautiful free-form pearls and towards the back the chain is 18K Gold with a keshi pearl.

Chien-lung, reigned as the fourth emperor (1735–96) of the Ching dynasty. He was a patron of scholarship and the arts; this piece pays tribute to his reign. During the Chien Lung Era, the dress in Chinese culture was instead of “Jewelry” and in many cases were more expensive than the actual jewelry worn. Lotus Arts de Vivre was able to acquire this rare part of a Chinese Court robe, which was the upper part of a Mandarin dress. For completeness, It has been designed with an equal design flair by the atelier of Lotus Arts de Vivre.

After sourcing the collar, the design took over 8 months to create and finish with over 10 craftsmen involved at various stages.

White Rose cut Diamonds: 1.34 ct. (approx.)
Jades: 23.26 g. (approx.)
Pearls: 73.1 g.
18K Gold
Length: 18"

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