Charm Bracelet with Elephant, Scarab, Cloisonne, Jade, Red Stone and Ruby bead

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Lotus Arts de Vivre's original design of charm bracelet with various elements of beads and pendants.

The 18K gold chain bracelets are strung with Ruby beads and are hand woven in to the sweet tiny bracelet with various elements. The 14K Gold pendant in Panda studded with Diamonds is the symbolic of joyful, optimism, peace and luck. The beads to complete the bracelet are the combination of Red stone carved in Tulip shape, Carved Green Jedeite, Carved Mother of Pearl in elephant shape studded the eyes with rose cut Diamond, Blue Cloisonne bead, and the tiny cubic pendant with scarab inlaid.

It took 5 weeks to complete the bracelet with 10 craftsmen including our designers to involve in every step of working process.

Diamonds: 0.06 ct.
Red stone:0.31 g.
Carved Green Jedeite:1.11 g.
Carved Mother of Pearl: 0.47 g.

Length: 7"
Weight: 14.60 g.

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