Chameleon Buffalo Horn Bowl

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Buffalo Horn bowl finely carved and embellished with Sterling Silver Chameleon, with intricate details of skilled craftsmanship visible on the Silver texture of the chameleon. The bowls are rich translucent brown to creme in color and being organically formed, each has its own unique patterns.  They are light in weight, durable and superbly finished.

The bowl is non-absorbent and unaffected by oils and vinegars making this fashion bowl perfectly suited as a casual dining implement – Nestle this pretty bowl for a stunning cocktail presentation with miniature hors d'oeuvres or serve nuts, desserts, and candies for a casual gathering. Ideal as a gift, our Buffalo Horn bowl collection is also popularly used as a home or office décor on low coffee tables and desks.

Our buffalo horn bowls come from Bali, Indonesia, one of the last remaining horn works in East Asia. The horn is shaped by hand, using traditional methods.

It took approximately 1.5 months from conceptualization of the design to producing it.

Size: 8.5(W)  x 16(L) x 6(H) cms.
Weight:  131 gms.

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