Carved Red Stone flower earrings with Liana wood

SKU: 2011000768
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This earring is a stunning mixture of natural liana wood, carved red stone flowers, white pearls and rose-cut diamonds in black rhodium sterling silver and 18K gold. 

Liana, or better known as "Jungle Vine", is widely popular and has been available to European vivarium enthusiasts for years. With its unique surface and texture, liana offers a truly exotic accent for tropical terrariums and vivarium. All pieces of wood are individually selected and, of course, no two are the same. The Liana wood is sourced from Indonesia.

Dimension: 3.5x6.4x3.1 cms.

6 Brown diamonds: 2.060 cts.
White diamonds: 2.520 cts.
2 White pearls: 4.260 gms.