Carved Coconut Necklace with Red Lacquer

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Carved Coconut shell necklace with Red Lacquer décor on coconut shell sticks and white rose cut Diamonds mounted in Sterling Silver, lock is 9K gold. The shell has been covered with 24K Gold leaf.

The history of carving Coconut shells, Sea Shells, Horns date back originally to the Tang Dynasty, when people used the shells for every day household items which were decorated and used for ceremonial and utility purposes in homes with their medieval cultural lifestyle – which included bowls, spoons and cups. They were also worn by the Kings and Queens of various eras. Popular for their sturdiness and beauty, it was also used to decorate watches, knives, guns and jewellery. By the time of the Song Dynasty, delicate carvings and sculptures began to make their way onto local artifacts and moved to the other regions of Indonesia, Philippines and India.

White Rose Cut Diamonds: 3.610 cts.
Dimension: 30 (H) x 41 (W) x cms.
Size: 17 inches (Circumference)
Weight: 182.16 gms.

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