Carved Coconut Earrings with Pearl, Emerald and Tsavorites

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Carved Coconut Earrings with an ancient and classical look covered in 24K Gold Leaf, designed with White Button Pearl, Green Panchshir Emeralds and Green Tsavorites. The design is perfectly suited for an evening of sophisticated wear – a formal celebration, an evening of fine dining, attending glamorous events and cocktails.

When visiting Angkor wat or Borobudur one sees these stunning Jewelry the members of the royal households were wearing. We reproduced them in gold and no matter how thin we made them , they came out too heavy and were uncomfortable to wear but in carved coconut with 24 k Gold leaves they met the modern standards of comfort.

A lot of craft is required to carve the coconut shells which are as hard as ivory and normal wood carving equipment does not work. Thereafter with Gold Leaf application, its resulted in a truly royal pair of Earrings.

This eastern artistry masterpiece took 2.5 months to finish with 9 designers and craftsmen involved at various stages. 

Green Tsavorites: 2.76 cts.
Green Panchshir Emeralds: 0.77 ct.
Fresh Water Pearls: 2.79 gms.
Dimension : 4.5(W) x 11.74(L) x 2.0(D) cms.
Weight: 46.53 gms.

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