Cameo Carved Shell Necklace with Buffalo Horn, Red Stone, Emerald and Tsavorite

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The Necklace is made from Buffalo horn, and linkages in 18K Gold decorated with rose cut Diamonds. The Necklace also holds 18K Gold Bell with orange Enamel and 18K Gold Rose Cut Diamond Bead. The pendant is a Cameo carved flower designed with Mother of Pearl, held by Red Coral, decorated with Baguette Green Tsavorites, Baguette Panchshir  Emerald, Round Rose Cut Diamonds and Trillion  Diamonds.

The earliest prevalent use of shell for cameo carving was during the Renaissance, in the 15th and 16th centuries. Before that time, cameos were carved from hardstone. Classically the designs carved onto shells or stones were either scenes of Greek or Roman mythology or portraits of rulers or important dignitaries. Such shell carvings were often gifts from royalty to their subjects and are found in museums or in private collections.

The piece took 3 months to create with as many as 12 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

White Rose Cut Diamonds: 3.92 cts.
Panchshir Emerald: 0.90 ct.
Tsavorites: 0.27 ct.
Carved Shell Cameo: 9.97 gms.
Center Piece Dimension: 5(W) x 9.6(L) x 2.4(D) cms.
Size: 25”

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