Burl Wood Ashtray with Lizard

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At Lotus Arts de Vivre you can spot unending variety in ashtrays. We have put forth different collections and types of ashtrays that can come in varying forms. Thus, it seems likely that people of all tastes can grab the right products from our line up.

This ashtray is made of burl wood, embellished with Sterling silver lining and decorated with Lizard. Just the right product for those who enjoy a quick break.

The Japanese believe in the living spirit of trees and it is such belief and culture that treasures such rare pieces of woods. Rolf von Bueren, an avid burl wood collector for over 35 years, personally travels to Japan to look for rare and beautiful pieces of burl woods from private collectors and auction houses. There are some burl woods he keeps, and some that he designs at Lotus Arts de Vivre. Burls result in a uniquely patterned wood, which is highly prized for its beauty. It is valued and sought after by artists, furniture makers and sculptors.

Size: 13(W) x 19(L) x 17(H) cm.
Weight: 1.13 kg.

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