Brown Shell Tray with Peacock

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Brown Shell tray with a mosaic pattern, designed with a beautiful Silver Peacock . Perfect for as a serving tray. The piece is perfectly suited as a casual dining implement – Nestle this pretty tray for a stunning cocktail presentation with miniature hors d'oeuvres or serve nuts, desserts, and candies for a casual gathering. Our Brown shell collection is also popularly used as a home or office décor on low coffee tables and desks.

Lotus Arts de Vivre sources its shells from Indonesia and the collection includes finely cut shells into small panels made into bowls or various formations, before being designed with Silver. Shells are masterpieces of nature of amazing beauty, with sinuous and elegant shapes and wonderful colours; they are sculptures that remain unchanged for an exceptionally long time. As shells are a natural material, its hues and shades may vary at each supply. The main commercial sources of these shells started in the early 1900’s, worn by the Kings and Queens of various eras. Popular for their sturdiness and beauty, it was also used to decorate watches, knives, guns and jewellery.

Peacock is one of the most brilliantly adorned bird and in Chinese culture, the Peacock was a symbol of the Ming Dynasty, representing divinity, rank, power, and beauty. The peacock with its tail of 100 eyes is also associated with the goddess Guan Yin. In this sense, the peacock resembles protection and holiness. In decorative art, the peacock symbolizes dignity and beauty. Buddhists also connect peacock’s feather with openness since the bird dazzlingly displays everything when fanning its tail out.

It takes 1 month to finish a piece with as many as 6 designers and craftsmen involved at various stages.

Size: 30.5(W) x 30.5(L) x 8.5(H) cm. 
Weight: 718 g. 

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