Brocade handbag with Obi textile

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Flower brocade handbag combined with Japanese black Obi textile, and black textile strap set with Mina Diamond flowers.

This antique Japanese woven brocade kimono obi sash dates from the late 19th century. It is made of silk woven into  with an free-form and floral pattern designs. This gorgeous Japanese Geisha obi sash would have been worn wrapped around securing a formal kimono used for ceremonial wear and celebration.

Silk became prominent to Japan and over the course of the Edo period, textile merchants based in Kyoto extended their control over the silk industry. Many of these families continue to hold prominent places in producing the highest-quality silks and Kimono today. Being associated with wealth and luxury, silk was regularly prohibited from being worn by commoners; however the people covered up their silks under rougher garments in public, and/or wearing more lavish garments only in private.

Lotus Arts de Vivre designed this handbag for a classical evening wear. After sourcing the materials, this piece took 8 weeks to complete with over 7 crafstmen involved.