Brazilian Liana Wood Happy Monk Sculpture with Lapiz

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Wooden Happy Monk Sculpture. Carved from a single piece of liana wood decorated with Muasit-sit earring studs and Lapiz Lazuli necklace, his face covered with 24K goldleaf. Set on black granite stand.

Liana is a jungle vine, notable for its organic twisting form, found in the tropical and temperate climate in the Mountains of Brazil. Each section of the vine is selected for its aesthetic and functional qualities, before being dried, hollowed out and treated. Liana is widely popular and has been available to European vivarium enthusiasts for years. With its unique surface and texture, liana offers a truly exotic accent with no two pieces being the same.

Size: 17(W) x 17(L) x 41.5(H) cms.
Weight: 4.6 kgs.

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