Bouquet Brooch with Abalone Shell wt. 44.61 g.

SKU: 2017000032
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Brooch designed from Abalone Shell, a charming way of imitating nature into an art piece to wear, using Abalone shell, carved tulip red stones, Pearls and white rose-cut Diamonds set on 9K gold, Sterling Silver and 18K gold lock.

Rose-cut diamonds : 1.230 cts.
Pearl : 0.320 gm.
Tulip red stones : 2.230 gms.

Dimension : 8.9(L) x 6.3(W) x 2.0(D) cm.

LAdV carries out its production in the highest standard to provide you with
the finest durable product. Nevertheless, being made of natural materials,
this product requires a good care in usage.