Blooming Flower Bud Bakelite & Raden Lacquer Earrings

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A beautiful pair of Bakelite earrings. The Bakelite is from the early 1900’s, which was originally a handle of a Hair Pin in Japan, intricately Japanese lacquered with Maki-e and Raden lacquer on both sides with motifs of blooming flowers and buds. The base of the Bakelite is studded with a red stone set on 18K Yellow Gold. On top, the earrings have ben embellished with an array of Tsavorites that partially circle the Earrings and above which triple Baguette Diamonds are set, all on 18K Yellow Gold. The back of the earrings have been strengthened with 18K Yellow Gold along with a Pin and a clasp.
Bakelite was patented on December 7, 1909 and being a synthetic plastic was revolutionary for its properties to use in old radios and firearms; Beginning in the 1920s, it became a popular material for jewelry purely because of its translucent beauty. Designers such as  Chanel included Bakelite bracelets in her costume jewelry collections and it was also used to make presentation boxes for Breitling watches. The height of Bakelite jewelry was the late 1930s, up until the end of the Art Deco period before its production stopped in the early 1940s.
The Japanese lacquer work here is extremely delicate. Maki-e is a distinctive Japanese lacquerware technique developed around 1200 years ago. Maki-e (literally: sprinkled picture) is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder onto a thick layer of lacquer as a decoration, a complicated and highly refined and time-consuming application. This design also uses a Raden technique along with Maki-e. Raden is a decorative technique that uses the iridescent parts of seashells like abalone, turban shells, and pearl oysters, which are shaved very thinly. Ra means a spiral shell and den means to decorate.
After the Hair Pin was sourced during one of the von Bueren’s visits to Japan, the piece was designed and produced by 9 craftsmen and designers over a period of 2 months.

White Rose Cut Diamonds:  0.03 ct.
Taper Step Diamonds:          0.59 ct.
Tsavorites:     0.91 ct.
Red Stones:  0.41 gm.
Dimension: 5.9 (L) X 1.4 (W) X 0.8 (D) cms.
Weight: 32 gms.