Black Wood Ring with Abalone Shell and Mother of Pearl Flower

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Exotic colors emanate from the mother-of-pearl nacre of abalone. These sea reef and rock creatures build the shells as they grow, with rings of colors gray, blue, green, pink and gold.

This ring has assortment of handcrafted jewelry incorporating parts of these shell in 9K pink gold, carved ruby and Mother of Pearl flowers, white pearls and rose-cut diamonds.

Size #58

Dimension: 6x3.9x7.7 cms.

4 Carved rubies: 4.99 cts./ Carved Mother of Pearl 1.33 gms.

White pearls: 0.15 gm./ Rose-cut diamonds: 0.14 ct.

Weight 67.40g

Being made of natural materials, this product requires good care in usage.

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