Basra Pearl and Mozambique Ruby Bracelet

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Lotus Arts de Vivre has a source of beautiful natural pearls (Basra) and had this bracelet woven and added 18K gold in the center with Mozambique rubies and full-cut diamonds in the center of each ruby. The gold is 18K gold.

Basra Pearl is a highly precious variety of the natural pearl gemstone originated from the Basra region of Persian Gulf (Iraq). These pearls have featured in recorded history as far back in time as 300 BC, and finding Basra Pearls in the 21st century is close to impossible, because its not available in the Arabian Sea and has to be collected from various sources from all over the world and then matched to design a piece. In Vedic astrology, there is great “power” attributed to the Natural pearl.

Natural Pearls (Basra) : 10 grams
Rubies  : 2.01 carats
Diamonds  : 0.10 carat
Length         :  17 cms.
Net weight   :  16.41 grams

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