Bamboo Stool with Gold Leaf

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Elegantly cut Bamboo strips, interlaced into a elegant contemporary stool. To make natural strand woven bamboo the bamboo is cut, stripped down, shredded into fibre strands, woven together and strengthened with Resin. A touch of Gold leaf adds contract to the beautiful brown stool.

Bamboo weaving is a type of bamboo-work in which two distinct sets of bamboo strips are interlaced at normally right angles to form an object. The longitudinal lengths of bamboo are called the warp and the lateral lengths are known as the weft. Bamboo is a rapid growing grass that reaches maturity very quickly, meaning that it can be harvested every five years.

The piece took 2-3 weeks to design, craft and finish.

Size:  42(W) x 42(L) x 45(H) cms.
Weight: 5.65 kgs.