19th Century Diamond Chrysanthemum Bamboo Ring

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A 19th century diamond chrysanthemum, designed with old mine cut diamonds at the centre and old mine rose cut diamonds at the surrounds is embellished atop a classic bamboo root ring shank.

Old mine cut diamonds have quite a history attached to them. They are believed to date back to the early 18th Century when diamonds were all cut and measured by hand. This means that the cutter’s perception and level of skill played an enormous role in the outcome of the stone’s proportions and appearance. These diamonds tend to be far less refined than the ones we know today. Old mine diamonds also tend to be warmer in colour than the modern-day diamonds are. However, for all of their flaws, these stones yield a sparkle that no contemporary cut could ever match. They were designed to sparkle by candlelight, making them truly breathtaking and ambient. They are considered a one-of-a-kind treasure that can be passed down through generations.

Crafted from Japanese Bamboo root and transformed into a ring, it’s a pure depiction of the ingenuity of Lotus Arts de Vivre designs – original, inventive and yet purposeful. Bamboo, while exotic in the west, is one of the most practical natural plants. It has tremendous strength as shown when used as scaffolds on construction sites. It grows fast and flowers only once in a lifetime, then dies. The time of flowering can be 5 to 75 years and when it happens, it occurs across the world at the same time. The finer strands are used for fans, purses, bags, hats, baskets and other items. Larger, thick strips are used for flower baskets, walls and other items, while bamboo roots like these can offer a wide variety of purposes. While bamboo was originally used for practical items around the house, these have been further developed by Lotus Arts de Vivre into art pieces.

After acquiring the 19th century diamond studded flower, the piece took over 1.5 month to finish, with over 6 designers and craftsmen involved at various stages.

Old Mine cut Diamonds (Center): 0.70 ct.
Old Mine Rose cut Diamonds (Adjacent): 3 ct.
Size: 54
Dimension: 3.25(L) x 3.25(W) x 3.79(D) cm.
Weight: 22 g.

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