Bamboo Placemat Handbag with Silk Tassel, Enamel Frog and Cloisonné Bead

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A Bamboo placemat designed into a handbag with a Teak wood frame covered in Gold Leaf, designed with a Bamboo root handle, decorated with Cloisonné bead on a Silk Tassel and Silver green Enamel Frog with red stone eyes. The bamboo handle is a very special piece that is shaped beautifully, acquired by Rolf von Bueren from Japan.

This collection of Handbag made from Bamboo, were once used as placemats in everyday households. They were then cut and folded to bring out a shape of a handbag. This is a depiction of the ingenuity of Lotus Arts de Vivre designs – original, inventive and yet purposeful.

Bamboo, while exotic in the west, is one of the most practical natural plants. It has tremendous strength as shown when used as scaffolds on construction sites. It grows fast and flowers only once in a lifetime, then dies. The time of flowering can be 5 to 75 years and when it happens, it occurs across the world at the same time. The finer strands are used for fans, purses, bags, hats, baskets and other items. Larger, thick strips are used for flower baskets, walls and other items. While bamboo was originally used for practical items around the house, these have been further developed by Lotus Arts de Vivre into art pieces.

Dimension : 33.5(L) x 13.2(W) x 17.5(H) cms.
Weight: 841.98 gms.

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