Balinese Painted Bamboo Handbag with Swan #M wt. 208.92 g.

SKU: 2020000006
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The LOTUS rattan clutch bag, has been a signature piece of Lotus Arts de Vivre for over 20 years. For this new version a prominent Balinese artist was engaged to paint the art-work, using natural colours. The quality of each painting speaks for itself.

The conversation topic of the Vivien bag is that, when it is closed, there is a complete painted picture; when the bag is oened by sliding the top half off, the painting still reveals as one complete picture. There is no separation which one might expect to see.
As the paintings are individually designed, the bags are not replicated.

The decorations are Gold plated Sterling Silver swan with abalone shell and red stone in eye.

Dimension : 16.5(H)x26.5(L)x7.5(W) cm.