Hissing and Swirling Silver Snake Conch Shell Ashtray

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A beautiful orange conch shell, designed with a sterling silver hissing and swirling snake, accented further with sterling silver, transformed into an ashtray. The cigar rest can be removed to use in other purpose besides an ashtray. The shell has been in its organic form, untouched and then designed upon.

This conch shell was sourced from Australia, close to the Coral and the Tasman Sea. This beautiful orange colour on the shell is formed from the water in which the organism lives and its diet. For example, shells found in the warm waters of the Australia are more colorful than those of Maine largely due to the greater diversity of food sources in tropical waters.

After sourcing the shell, the piece was finished in 2.5 months with over 7 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

Size: 22(W) x 30(L) x 16(H) cm.

Weight: 1.8 kg.

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