Art Deco Handbag with Jade & Rubellite

SKU: 2014000857
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Drawing inspiration from the elegance of the 1930s Art Deco movement, this collection of evening bags represent the ultimate marriage of simplicity and sophistication. The teardrop body is cut from high-quality Thai silk with permanent pleats accentuating the form, lined with black satin and closed with a loop mechanism. Each bag is individualized with a unique jeweled object, in this case a green jade and rubelite archer’s ring threaded on a thick 18 karat gold rope chain.

Materials: Jade (46.63 gms), Amethyst tube (24.90 gms.),

18K Rubelite ring (6.71 g), Black Thai Silk.

Dimensions: 23 cm x 8 cm x 37 cm.
Net Weight: 268.58 g.