Art Deco Diamond, Burmese Ruby and Basra Pearl Bracelet

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18K Gold and precious stone bracelet, designed in a unique floral pattern, studded with a combination of natural taper and baguette Burmese Rubies, Golconda Diamonds, Baguette Diamonds and natural Basra pearls.

The bracelet was designed and created in Circa 1930 and took almost 6 months to design and create.

Golconda Diamonds approx : 0.8 Carats
Diamonds (others) approx : 3.7- 4.2 Carats
Natural Burmese Rubies approx : 4 -5 Carats
Natural Basra Pearls approx : 10-11 Carats (9 Pieces)
Length : 18 cms.
Net Weight: 15.63 grams