Antique Kris Dagger with 22k Gold, Sterling Silver, and Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

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Antique Kris Dagger, over 80 years old, decorated with 22K Gold, Sterling Silver and embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. The piece comes in black silk packaging box.

Black Sapphire (4 pcs.): 3 cts. (approx.)
Turquoise (2 pcs.): 1.5 cts. (approx.)
Green Tourmaline (2 pcs.): 5.80 cts. (approx.)
Amethyst (1 pc.): 8.05 cts. (approx.)
Chrysoberyl (1 pc.): 0.55 ct. (approx.)
Rubellite (1 pc.): 0.80 ct. (approx.)

Size: 8(W) x 10(L) x 52(H) cms.

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