Antique Japanese Obi Textile Handbag

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Japanese Obi silk material from the Edo period, designed into a handbag with black Rhodium Silver, decorated with white Rose Cut Diamonds and Gold plated Sterling Silver. The handle is carved black wood.

Silk is one of the eastern contributions to human civilization and was already in demand by the elite since the Roman times. It was the main produce of the Silk Road over thousands of years. Today we take silk for granted but it is truly a unique miracle of nature and when woven with such rare and unique textiles it becomes a champion of human achievement.
It quickly became prominent to Japan and over the course of the Edo period, textile merchants based in Kyoto extended their control over the silk industry. Many of these families continue to hold prominent places in producing the highest-quality silks and Kimono today. Being associated with wealth and luxury, silk was regularly prohibited from being worn by commoners; however the people covered up their silks under rougher garments in public, and/or wearing more lavish garments only in private.

Dimension : 30(L)x 11(W) x 31(H) cm.
Weight: 542.16 gms.