Antique Golden Flower Brocade Handbag

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Antique Japanese Brocade Bag, embroidered with intricate designs, made about 80-100 years ago. Lotus Arts de Vivre re-designed the bag, without losing the charm of its original design, decorated it with diamonds, prayer beads, a lacquer gourd, a small brocade pouch and precious metals such as black rhodium sterling silver.

One of the highest quality silk and brocade work available came from a district of Kyoto in Japan which no longer exists. The brocade, because of their deep history, were used to create the best quality kimono fabric and obi, as well as costumes for Noh theatre, and festival decorations. Often, it also involved painting elaborate (not weaving) and colorful patterns onto silk. It’s an art that can be traced back to the Edo period, and is the primary method of dyeing kimono to produce finished products of deep and vivid color.

Silk became prominent to Japan and over the course of the Edo period, textile merchants based in Kyoto extended their control over the silk industry. Being associated with wealth and luxury, silk and brocade work was regularly prohibited from being worn by commoners; however, the people covered up their silks under rougher garments in public, and/or wearing more lavish garments only in private.

This piece took 8 weeks to complete with over 8 crafstmen being involved.

Diamonds: 0.32ct.
Dimensions : 27.0x24.0x11.0 cm.
Weight: 484.82 g.

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