Gold Wire Ring with Emeralds, Diamond & Rubies

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9K gold wire ring with oval shaped rose-cut diamond, rubies and emeralds.
Size #54

Oval rose-cut diamond: 1.890 cts./ Treated Ruby drop: 4.360 cts.
2 Marquise rubies: 1.200 cts./ 3 Baguette rubies: 0.820 ct.
Hexagon emerald: 2.150 cts./ Square emerald: 1.530 cts.
Round emerald: 0.840 ct.

Zambian emeralds used here are found to be cleaner and more saturated in color than Columbian Emeralds. This ring has a combination of three beautiful shapes of Zambian Emeralds – Hexagonal, Square and Round. (Interesting general fact – Although Mining in Zambia started in 1976 it still produces 20% of the worlds Emerald and Tiffany & Co. was instrumental in bringing the Zambian Emerald to market in the 1980’s)

The Rubies embellished in this design here and Marquis and Baguette – prized for their beauty, durability, and rarity, it is the quality of the color which most determines the value of rubies, which these Rubies sparkle with. Whilst the Rubies are Heated, Lotus Arts de Vivre found this excellent quality Rubies, with the color closely resembling 100 year old Natural Burmese Rubies.

The Diamonds in this ring of good color and SI1 clarity.

All stones are fine quality / good color / clarity.