Mala Beads Bracelet with Horoscope - Tiger

SKU: 2016000159
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Mala ebony beads bracelet decorated with silver tiger set diamonds in eyes.

Tigers know who they are.  Courageous, ambitious and not afraid to show off their skills, they are the quintessential leader, often finding themselves in positions of power--even if they haven’t sought them out. 

Mala beads are the rosary beads of the Mahayana Buddhists—the big vehicle Buddhists which they wear and pray with in different sizes – many types of wood are being used, ebony, sandal and others and Lotus Arts de Vivre uses oiled ebony. The Mala is to protect the wearer – to keep bad luck away and enhance the spiritual well being of the owner.

2 Rose-cut White Diamonds: 0.05 ct.