Diamond Tasseled Japanese Lacquer Comb Necklace with Diamond

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Buffalo Horn Necklace, beautifully decorated with a Japanese Lacquer Comb, held onto to the Necklace with Tsavorite, and an oval Rose-Cut Diamond loop. A few loops in the Necklace have been decorated with Tsavorites on 18K Gold. On side of the necklace an erstwhile Japanese hairpin decorated with Diamonds at the bottom and 18K Gold. The Japanese Lacquer Comb has been elegantly embellished with Tassel hung by Jadeite and Onyx bead which gracefully decorated with diamond

The lacquer in the Japanese comb is extremely intricate. Lacquer was first developed in China and later Japan. The material opened and offered to artists a wide scope to create beautiful paintings and pictures on furniture, trays, vases, cups and any kind meant for visual pleasure such as scenes from nature, mythology, and literature. The processes to reach this artistic level expanded into using silver, gold, inlay shell and other materials. The Japanese imported the art of lacquer from China and developed it into a rare and famous art. Most lacquer in Europe was called “Japan”, as was porcelain called “China”. Like most Japanese work, the MAKI-E Lacquer’ work is most intricate, done in many layers, finely polished with a variety of ashes and the result is quite stunning.

The piece took 3 months to create with as many as 12 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

Diamond: 2.24 ct.

Tsavorite: 3.50 ct.

Red Stone: 3.6 g.

Length: 28.5”

Weight: 109.99 g.

Center piece Dimension :

24.0(L)xW10.1(W).x 1.0(D) cm.

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