Antique Luohan Sculpture

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The sculpture is made out of non heated Stucco which is a natural material mix of earth, straw, molasses and formed into shape with water.

The Eighteen Arhats (or Luohan) are depicted in Mahayana Buddhism as the original followers of Gautama Buddha who have followed the Noble Eightfold Path and attained the four stages of enlightenment. They have reached the state of Nirvana and are free of worldly cravings. They are charged to protect the Buddhist faith and to wait on earth for the coming of Maitreya, an enlightened Buddha prophesied to arrive on earth many millennia after Gautama Buddha's death (parinirvana). In China, the eighteen arhats are also a popular subject in Buddhist art, such as the famous Chinese group of glazed pottery luohans from Yixian from about 1000 CE.

Size: 16(W) x 17(L) x 38(H) cms.