Eagle Sculpture

SKU: 2019000401
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Sculpted from Single piece of Teak root wood, the piece was designed with Sterling silver head, feet, beak and claws. Set on a black granite stand. Fascinated with the beauty of an eagle ready to pounce a flight, the idea of the wooden sculpture came to life.
Teak is the common name for the tropical hardwood tree species Tectona Grandis and its wood products, native to South and Southeast Asia and continues to be rare to find. Lotus Arts de Vivre uses various free-formations of the teak branches, teak root or driftwood to further hand-carve and create its designs.
This piece took 5 months to create, with 12 craftsmen involved during the entire process of design to finish.
Size: 80(W) x 100(L) x 307(H) cms.
Weight: 88.9 kgs.