Wild Boar Table

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Wild Board hand-crafted with Sterling Silver feet, horns and face, beautifully merged with an organic shape of a Burl Wood holding up a glass top. The eyes of the Wild Boar studded with Tiger eye quartz.

The boar is a sign of abundance, courage, and power. They are also a symbol of generosity. It took more than 2 months to create this piece.

Rolf von Bueren, an avid burl wood collector for over 35 years, personally travels to Japan to look for rare and beautiful pieces of burl woods including this majestic piece. Burls result in a uniquely patterned wood, which is highly prized for its beauty. It is valued and sought after by artists, furniture makers and sculptors.

The design took more than 3 months to finish with over 12 craftsmen involved.

Size: 52(W) x 90(L) x 37(H) cms.

Weight : 25 Kgs