Lingzhi Orangutan Sculpture

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Created from a piece of Lingzhi wood, face and hands cast in sterling Silverand eyes set with Tiger eye quartz.

The name of the lingzhi fungus has a two thousand-year-old history. The Old Chinese name 靈芝 was first recorded during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 9 AD). In the Chinese language, língzhī (灵芝) is a compound. It comprises líng (灵); spirit, spiritual; soul; miraculous; sacred; divine; mysterious; efficacious; effective and zhī (芝); plant of longevity.

In Chinese art, the lingzhi symbolizes great health and longevity, as depicted in the imperial Forbidden City and Summer Palace. It was a talisman for luck in the traditional culture of China, and the goddess of healing Guanyin is sometimes depicted holding a lingzhi mushroom.

It took eight master craftsmen with a combined production time of 12 weeks to complete the Orangutan.

Size: 21(W) x 74(L) x 27(H) cms.
Weight: 3.3 kgs. (Orangutan only - No Granite base)

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