Carved Batulaga Shell Earrings with Zambian Emeralds

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A sophisticated pair of 24K Gold Leafed Carved Shell Earrings, set with Zambian Emeralds and Rose cut Diamonds. The ear clips are 9K Pink Gold.

Lotus Arts de Vivre has an extremely skilled shell carving master, who being nearly 80 years old, has been carving shells for over 5 decades. The master produces miracles of carving with extreme detail, bringing the shells almost back to life. In the ancient Kingdoms of the Far East carved shells like these were reserved for the Royal Palaces and the Courts, often in forms of gifts or as Jewelry. The cold waters in the west produced few shells and hardly any pearls, this availability crunch made these shells prized western possessions as well.

About Zambian Emeralds:
Emeralds are very soft and are among the most sought after of all gemstones and have been prized for centuries. While this quintessentially green gemstone is mined in several different regions around the world, the most popular mines and expensive Emeralds come from Panjshir Valley, in Afghanistan and Zambia, this collection being designed out of the latter. Zambian emeralds have a greater level of clarity
than their Colombian counterparts because of a lower incidence of “eye visible inclusions”. Their highly desirable bluish undertone comes from the presence of iron in these emeralds. This addition of a little blue adds to the overall depth of the stones. Zambian emeralds tend to be naturally stronger than others, rating between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This puts them just behind rubies and sapphires (both of which score 9 on the Mohs scale) and diamonds, which score a perfect 10. Zambia’s emeralds tend to be less pricey than Colombian stones because they don’t boast as long a history, making them a perfect option for emerald buyers.

Rose Cut Diamonds: 1.16 ct.
Pear Shaped Diamonds: 0 .07 ct.
Baguette Diamonds: 0.28 ct.
Zambian Emeralds: 33.50 ct.
Dimension: 6(L) x3.1(W) x2(D) cms.
Weight: 36.38 gms.