Japanese Lacquer Necklace with Buffalo Horn, Red Stone and Diamond

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Buffalo Horn Necklace, beautifully decorated with a Japanese Lacquer Comb, held onto to the Necklace with Tsavorite, and an oval Rose-Cut Diamond loop.  The Japanese Lacquer Comb has been elegantly embellished with Red Stone flowers and tiny Pearl Chandelier drops. The Necklace linkages have been made with 18K Gold and Rose Cut Diamonds with a fine cut Japanese Lacquer Hairpin decorated with Rose Cut Diamond, the stem drop set on 18K Gold on the side.

Rose Cut Diamonds : 0.68 cts. (Approx.)
Full Cut Diamond: 0.06 ct (Approx.)
Baguette Diamond: 0.69 ct (Approx.)
Taper Diamond: 0.04 ct. (Approx.)
Tsavorite: 2.60 ct. (Approx.)

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